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Faith in Love Foundation follows the Hong Kong Volunteer Charter which stipulates essence and values of volunteerism, benchmarks volunteer practice and sets out the service environment for volunteering.

For details of Hong Kong Volunteer Charter, please view here.

Our Mission

To stand for a loving, caring, selfless world.
To contribute to a better society and make the world a more pleasant place.
To encourage volunteerism and giving to the disadvantaged members of society.
To assist the alleviation of poverty and support the sustainable development of arts and cultural expression

Why We Do It

We want a responsible and transparent medium by which we can do good works, and ensure all funding is allocated exclusively towards target receipients.
We want to be actively involved in giving, and contribute our skills, time, and love, as well as money and resources.
We want to experience the world as a united place, not defined by one’s race, appearance, class, influence, or material possessions, but a place where all human beings are just equal and unique, looking after one another out of kindness.
Because in the end, it’s all about love.


Be a responsible, transparent, and sustainable organisation.
Provide a platform for our volunteers to serve
Educate and provide resources to create the foundations for a world based on love, respect, and selfless contribution.