Dr Karen Siu-Lan CHEUNG, Ph.D., MA(Chinese Studies), BsocSc., is the honorary assistant professor of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration and a honorary research fellow in the Sau Po Centre on Aging at HKU. Prior to her appointment at HKU, she taught at HKUST and has served and trained in various universities and research institutes, e.g. INSERM in France, University of “La Sapienza” in Italy, Max Planck Institute of Demographic Research in Germany, University of Lausanne in Switzerland and Stanford University in the USA. She was the fellowship recipient under the research training network funded by the European Commission and awarded from Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund and the Croucher Foundation. She has published in reputed international scientific journals, such as Demography, Population Studies, Demographic Research, International Journal of Geriatrics and Psychiatric, European Journal of Ageing, Asian Population Studies, Genus, Revue économique, Comptes Rendus Biologie, etc. She has a keen interest in healthy longevity, centenarians and dementia caregiving. Her research also covers a wide range of demographic issues including mortality trajectory and life table analysis, population ageing, health expectancy, family and health-related policy issues, and cross-border population dynamics. Her husband is the renowned artist from Hong Kong and the Mainland China, Joe Ma Tak-Chung