Faith in Love launches VoiceOut! App to battle discrimination in Hong Kong

Faith in Love launches VoiceOut! App to battle discrimination in Hong Kong

This week Faith in Love launched VoiceOut! an app that supports the community in combating discrimination. The app provides impartial referrals to qualified professionals to assist Hong Kongers in dispute resolution; alternatively, it provides anonymous information on incidents for policy making and research, allowing users recourse to address online bullying or in person discrimination incidents.

The app provides a discrete and safe channel for anyone in Hong Kong who may have fallen victim to discrimination or would like to voice out on someone else’s behalf, and feels that they have nowhere else to turn.

Based on the feedback collected, we recognise that social distancing measures required by the pandemic has exacerbated mental health issues in the most vulnerable sections of society. The constant fear, anger, and anxiety published by many online news interactions and less face to face communication have decreased empathy, and the illusion of anonymity has fuelled negative behaviour. The VoiceOut! app aims to be a channel to address human connections at a time of deep polarization.  There is urgency for a trusted third party to intervene and find redress for misunderstandings, harassment, and discrimination and provide a platform for reconciliation.

The app is available for download here:

For more information, please contact Mr Tino Chan on telephone 6024 3114 or email or you can reach us at our dedicated telegram account @voiceoutapp

If you are a qualified legal professional, mediator or social worker and would like to register as a volunteer, please send your CV and qualifications to